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5 Advantages of Reclaimed Terracotta

Why Choose Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles?

Terracotta tiles were used centuries ago in numerous old homes and buildings in Europe. Because they are made from clay and have a warm color, they were given the name terracotta, which means baked earth. Reclaimed terracotta generally comes from salvaged farmhouses and chateaux in France and restructured into tiles for your flooring or roofing.

Top Advantages of Reclaimed Terracotta

Reclaimed terracotta tiles are perfect for flooring. They are known for being durable and resistant to water and fire. Today, this material can be glazed, which increases its longevity. If you are interested in a distinctive European look for your home, terracotta has that charming, Old-world aesthetics. Reclaimed terracotta is often used in kitchen, bathroom or living, flooring.

1. Aesthetics

The warm hues of terracotta tiles bring an earthy and welcoming feel to your home. These tiles range from reds, to browns, to yellows and more. They also come in different shapes from square, to rectangle, to hexagon, so you can find the type that matches your style. Any room that has these tiles as the flooring or walls is unique and full of character for a pleasing and inviting environment.

2. Unique and Authentic

These tiles reflect an elegant beauty and rich culture. Because they were made hundred of years ago, they bring a unique, Old-world aesthetics to your home, which will set it apart from many others. Since reclaimed terracotta tiles are from Europe, they give your home that authentic feel you want.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Another benefit of these tiles is that they require very little energy resources or manufacturing to produce since they are salvaged from other buildings. Not only does this make them friendly for the environment, but it also costs less than other eco-friendly flooring.

4. Long Lasting

Terracotta tiles are durable, as they are built to last. Because they can withstand a lot of wear and tear, they are great for flooring, especially in heavy-trafficked areas. This tile is also resistant to fire and water, which also makes it a great choice. While this material is porous and can absorb moisture easily, that is easily solved with a seal. Once your flooring is sealed after it is installed it will last longer; however, you may need to reseal it every year to avoid cracking. This may seem like high maintenance, yet this type of flooring is resistant to mold and bacteria. The only required cleaning if there was a spill would be simply water and soap, which is why these tiles are perfect for areas in your home that has high moisture, such as the restroom, or outdoors.

5. Cost Effective

Whether you want to use terracotta tiles in bathroom, kitchen or outdoor patio, they are an affordable option. While the prices vary depending on the type of terracotta, it won’t cost a fortune. These tiles provide a great value for the many benefits they have.

More benefits of reclaimed terracotta include:

  • Color lasts over hundreds of years
  • Low costing recyclable material
  • Completely natural, sustainable
  • Long-term environmental advantages

We hope that you have a better understanding of how terracotta can benefit you. If you have more questions about this type of material, we’d be more than happy to help!