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4 Unexpected Facts About Marble

How Marble is Made

Many natural stones have been used throughout history to make some of the very best landmarks that the world has ever seen. Marble is actually made when limestone (another very beautiful natural stone) is subject to a ton of heat and pressure during a metamorphic process. This marble is then cut in slabs and quarried, so limestone and marble creators from all over the world can turn it into the masterpieces that people show off in their homes. Want to know about the wide and exciting world of marble? Here are four things that everyone should know about marble

1. Marble is Made From Limestone

Limestone and marble are the two most widely used stones in the entire world when it comes to natural stones. They have been used to make countertops, fireplaces, flooring, door surrounds, fountains, columns, sinks, kitchen hoods, countertops, stairs, and many, many more home pieces. Despite this, many people don’t know that marble is created within the Earth by putting immense pressure and heat on limestone, causing it to undergo a metamorphic process. Many stones are made through a process that includes a ton of heat and pressure, and marble is no exception to that rule.

2. Unlikely Uses

Many people aren’t aware that marble can be used for purposes other than building. For example, many cultures have used a fine marble powder in order to create glue, or even toothpaste. Because marble is so versatile, it has plenty of different uses, cementing it as one of the easiest natural stones to use.

3. Naturally Cool and Easy to Care For

If you want to cool down the look (and feel) of your interior design, marble walls or flooring are incredibly easy ways to do it. The great thing about marble is that despite it being a cooler stone, it also absorbs the warmth of light really easily, making it easy to temper the feel of your room exactly to how you prefer it. Not only that, but marble is also very easy to maintain. Waxing it periodically seals out the moisture that could end up damaging it, making it incredibly low maintenance compared to many other stones.

4. The Utility Countertop

Most people want to get a beautiful, natural stone countertop, but they don’t give much thought to the utility of the different types of stone that they’re choosing from. The truth is that a marble countertop can afford your certain utility that limestone and granite simply can’t. Because marble was made through incredible heat and pressure, it’s actually quite good at withstanding the heat of different pots and pans that you might place on it. That’s why marble is far and away the most used stone for countertops: not only are they low beautiful, but they’re also versatile and easy to maintain. That’s exactly what most homeowners are looking for when they need a natural stone to build their countertop. Marble overall has some unlikely uses, but it’s a beautiful stone that’s incredibly easy to maintain and naturally cooling.