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4 Marble and Limestone Features You Have To Have

Exceptional Limestone and Marble Features

A home is as beautiful as you make it and if you want your home to really make a dramatic impact, then you need incredible craftsmanship for authentic European custom home features. Take a look below at a few custom home features that will make your home stand out among all the rest.

1. Marble and Limestone Fireplaces

A fireplace is a must–have feature in your family room, living room and master bedroom. This beautiful feature can be customized to look the way you want it so that it can stand out. A fireplace is typically the focal point of the room and should be impressive. If you want a breath-taking fireplace, you need a limestone fireplace or marble fireplace with custom carvings.

2. Marble and Limestone Fountains

Fountains are a quintessential feature for an elegant and charming backyard. They provide a unique and high-class atmosphere that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also essential for creating a peaceful atmosphere. With the tranquil sound of babbling water, a limestone fountain or marble fountain transforms any outdoor space into a lovely retreat.

3. Marble and Limestone Kitchen Hoods

Do you want to upgrade your kitchen? If you are ready for a beautiful kitchen that looks like a designer kitchen then you need to invest in a kitchen hood. Kitchen hoods are not just for function, but also for aesthetics. They can be beautifully hand carved to look like you want with designs of flowers, sea creatures, your family crest, or otherwise. Depending on your kitchen’s style you may want to choose a limestone kitchen hood or a marble kitchen hood. Either are fantastic choices, as they are durable natural stone materials.

4. Limestone Walls

Limestone walls are perfect for creating a divider between rooms that you want to separate. Often, these walls do not need to be supported by a beam, as they are added after the home is already constructed. They are made to be a decorative piece that serves the purpose of looking great and dividing a room. Limestone walls are also fantastic for outdoor features as well. They can be used in landscape design and other uses for a natural stonewall outside, such as dividing a garden from a patio or play area, pool, etc.

5. Limestone Flooring

Do you need new flooring? If you have old carpet, or hardwood that is damaged, you may want to consider limestone flooring. This type of flooring is perfect for outdoors or indoors. It is mold and rot resistance and is a very durable flooring. It is also a low maintenance type of flooring and only needs to have a seal for protection. Cleaning it daily also helps keep it looking new and protects it from stains.

We hope that you find the right custom home feature for you. And as always, if you have any questions about marble or limestone features, our expert artisans are happy to help.

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