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3 Reasons Why Marble Floors are Better Than Wood Floors

3 Reasons Why Marble Floors are Better Than Wood Floors

When you’re ready to redo your floors, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the choices. Perhaps you’ve decided that you want something natural. Should you go with a classic wood floor? Maybe you had your eye on marble but didn’t think it was durable or cost-effective. Though marble was once exclusive to the richest of the rich, it’s now more accessible and affordable than ever. And marble floors have so much more to offer. Here are 3 reasons why marble flooring is superior to wood flooring:

Marble Floors are Luxurious

Wood may be homey and classic, but it can’t create the kind of statement that marble can! When you walk into a home, you probably won’t notice wood floors. They tend to blend into the scene. On the other hand, when you step into a marble-adorned space, it’s almost impossible to miss. Marble’s smooth, silky surface and dramatic veining immediately draw the eye. There’s a reason why marble floors decorate royal palaces, coastal mansions, and French chateaux. Marble is eye-catching, luxurious, and upscale — an iconic symbol of wealth. 

Marble Floors Don’t Absorb Heat

Since wood is a conductor, it will retain heat in your home and make it feel hotter. Though this is useful in cold weather, it can pose some challenges during warmer months. There’s nothing you can do to make wood floors feel colder. Marble floors, however, don’t absorb any heat and will remain cool to the touch. This, in turn, will decrease your reliance on air conditioning and fans. Also, since marble is heat-resistant, it’s compatible with radiant floor heating. This will keep your marble floors nice and toasty during the fall and winter.

Marble Floors are More Durable

Wood floors harbor bacteria, scratch easily, warp from water, and burn under intense heat. And if you’re ever unlucky enough to have a termite or carpenter ant infestation, your wood floor will face irreversible damage. Since marble is a solid stone material, it doesn’t have these disadvantages. Marble floors are bacteria and heat-resistant and aren’t susceptible to insect damage. Special coatings and sealants also increase marble’s water and scratch resistance. Even if your marble floors get scratched, they can easily be repolished. Certain matte or textured finishes can also disguise scratches and etching.

Choose Marble Floors from Impression

Even though wood is a common choice for flooring, it simply can’t compete with the beauty and functionality of marble. From fireplaces to fountains, there are so many uses from marble in the home! If you’re ready to experience what marble has to offer, give the artisans at Impression a call. We select only the finest marble from France and Italy, searching for unique color variations and beautiful veining. Our skilled craftsmen then use expert hand-carving techniques and state-of-the art tools to create each floor tile. Since each project is made-to-order, we can customize it to your exact specifications. Contact Impression today and discover all the benefits of marble flooring.