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3 Interesting Uses of Marble

Marble Has Been the Centerpiece of Some of Our Greatest Monuments

But it’s use goes so far beyond that. Marble is one of the most elegant, beautiful stones that have ever existed. Not only that, but it’s also one of the most useful stones in the world, and is commonly used as the stone of choice to make kitchen countertops, because of its innate ability to withstand extreme heat. This comes as no surprise, as marble is created by immense pressure and heat being put on limestone for thousands of years. Besides the fixtures in our home, marble has also had many other interesting uses throughout history. Here are three of the most interesting uses of marble.

1. Statues

Marble is by far the most popular stone to create statues with, especially considering the statue of David is one of the most popular statues that has ever existed. Made from marble, this statue has captivated people for centuries. Because of how popular it is, marble became the primary stone that people used to create statues. To this day, if you see a statue in a museum, chances are that it’s made from marble.

2. Drink Coasters

Do you want to have the classiest coasters for your drinks ever? Cut your marble into hexagons, perfect for the size of your cocktail glass, and you’ll be sipping with your friends on top of some of the classiest drink coasters that have ever existed. License an artisan marble company to make you some of these. They’re both incredibly classy, and they’re going to last forever. They’re one of the easiest ways to class up the living room when you’

Re having company over that you want to impress.

3. Jewelry Case

Do you have some jewelry that has been in your family for generations? You should have a jewelry case that reflects the beauty and the historical significance of your pieces, and it should be custom tailored to your specific needs. Don’t settle on  just having a marble countertop in your home, spring for things like a marble jewelry case to house all of your favorite pieces. It’s the little touch of elegance that’s going to make a big difference in your vanity.

Marble is One of the Most Beautiful Stones in the World

For that reason, we don’t have to just use it for monuments, or just for our countertops or fireplaces. In fact, we should be using marble at every chance that we get. It’s one of the stones that most easily reflects the natural elegance and beauty that exists in the world, it reflects historical significance, and it’s extremely versatile and durable for the most varied use possible. Using marble for the little things can turn a bland looking room into an elegant masterpiece by just adding a touch of the elegant stone.