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2020’s Upcoming Architecture Trends

What We’re Looking Forward To

With January almost over, architecture’s top trends for this year are already taking shape. This year has a little bit of everything thrown in, which is wonderful news for, well, everyone! While 2019 is behind us, those who love sustainability, white, and modern-rustic trends can rest assured; they’re all sticking around. For anyone who is ready to mix it up, read on: this year is looking exciting.

Going Geometric

Those who favor the bold are sure to love this upcoming year. Risky combinations, eccentric tiles, and bold lines are in. We’re sure to see a rise in the use of wall trim, mix-and-match floor tiles, and wall paint patterns. Edgy and bright is in, and it’s beautifully inspired by the modular geometry of the 1930s and 1960s. Of course, warm earth tones and natural shades will never fade, but it’s time to compliment them with something a little brighter!

Closed Open Concept

Yes, you read that right. The past few years have been filled with open-concept homes, and every home remodel seemed to incorporate the knocking-down of central walls. In 2020, we’re moving back towards segmenting our homes, but in a new way. Thus, meet closed open concept! This new trend finds creative and innovative ways to divvy up a space, using freestanding appliances, half-walls, or large furniture to create sections in a space. This allows for division without obstructing the airyness of the space, which is perfect for smaller apartments and homes.


In conjunction with “closed open concept, we’ll continue to see the popularity of multi-purpose spaces. People have increasingly shown a commitment to integrating spaces for an easy flow. The benefits of this trend are clear, allowing people to keep smaller spaces with bigger uses. No longer necessary are large rooms for entertaining, but 2020 will be filled with conjoined kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and more, with furniture that can be easily moved to accomodate any event.

Eco-Friendly Designs

The past year was accompanied by the growth of eco-friendly designs, which is something Impression has always strived to put first. We’re seeing more and more examples of large homes or old buildings being transformed into apartment complexes or multi-family housing units, creating spaces with lower carbon footprints all without creating an entirely new construction site. Going forward, we can expect to see housing and construction that results in net zero homes. These houses are built to be air-tight, insulted, and energy efficient, and produce just as much renewable energy as they do use up natural resources. It’s a carbon-free home, and they’re going to be all the rage!

Impression Is Looking Forward

Impression has been improving the homes of your community for over a quarter of a century, and we’ve always had a passion for embracing the trends that each month, year, and decade bring. Our business has a reputation for high-quality design, impeccable quality assurance, and workmanship in a variety of architectural projects. Because our stone is hand-selected to provide the grain, texture, and color that is specific and unique to your project, achieving the trendy aesthetic you’re aiming for is no problem with Impression. Call today to learn how Impression can revamp your home this 2020!

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