What is limestone?

Limestone is a sedimentary rock. It is made of Calcium Carbonate or Calcium and Magnesium. Depending on where it is formed, it catches fossilized plants, animals or shells. Other minerals that it contains are:

  • • Silica
  • • Pyrite
  • • Iron oxides
  • • Clay Minerals
  • • Bituminous matter

What color variations or finishes are available in limestone?

Limestone has a range of pastel colors including:

  • • White/Cream
  • • Beige
  • • Pink
  • • Soft yellow
  • • Brown
  • • Crimson
  • • Green
  • • Dark blue-green
  • • Grey
  • • Black

Patterns vary from solid to variegated. Any finish available for limestone is possible, depending on the variety.

What size projects do you work on and will you work outside of California?

Our project sizes vary. We have sculpted beautiful elegant, small, personalized statues for clients to massive architectural structures. We have had our work requested from all over the world.

Do you only do custom work?

No. We are often requested to craft projects that have been uniquely designed by clients or designs that our artisan produces at a client’s request.

How do I clean and protect limestone?

Limestone varies in its density, absorption and hardness. This will impact the how you can protect the integrity and beauty of the stone.

With everyday wear and tear from spills, foot traffic, etc., the stone may lose certain quality if not taken care of properly. using the right cleaners for your limestone type will be important to preserving it. Specific stone care products were created to work well with the absorbent characteristic of the stone.

For more information, check the care and instructions on the cleaning products.

Can I customize my project with my family crest or initials?

Yes. You can customize your project by adding a sculpture of your family crest or another design of your choosing. We can also personalize it with a name or initials. Charges and time required will vary based upon complexity.

Can you furnish me a reference list of completed projects?

Once engaged to do a project, we will provide references, which suit the project type. Please view our gallery of projects right here on our web site.